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Rejuvenation System

satouWe provide a service for esthetic salons called "Rejuvenation System". After we sign a contract with a salon, we provide courses on theory and practical skills. Then they will start Rejuvenation treatment at their own salons. About actual service we provide, please check following list below.

Service Contents of Rejuvenation System




We have a destination on training salon that is not affected by temporary beauty trend doing not only courses on theory and practical skills but also consulting management and helping publicity. By these services, we support stable operation of Rejuvenation salons. But we choose the quality of salon we go into partnership with.

To enhance salon quality


From Oct 1st, 2006, we have decided to enhance the level of probasion for prospect salons. We check credit survey company


Beware of simillar services. Please check these trademarks at official RejuvenationSalons.

ロゴ Trademark
ロゴ Trademark