Hiromi Sato

Upon completing the course, some customers are so grateful they break down in tears and cannot say enough to convey their gratitude. The transformation of some customers is so impressive it also makes you, the esthetician, extremely fulfilled and happy in your work.

You work well and the customer is impressed. Whatever work you do, job satisfaction is a wonderful thing, and in this work you get it. Rejuvenation System uses only the highest grade materials and, combined with the best techniques and the finest estheticians we reach our theme of true healthy beauty.

In their working life, many people lose the passion and enthusiasm because their daily routine becomes unrewarding.

Working with Rejuvenation System enriches this passion for not only the customer but also the esthetician. We hope that all those involved with Rejuvenation System are touched by and benefit from its effect.

Company Profile

Rejuvenation Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director
Hiromi Sato
Managing Director
Toshinobu Ohashi
Headquaters address
3-13, Suehiro-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0053 Japan
Ohgimachi Office
9F, Ohgimachi Matsushima Bldg.,
3-13, Suehiro-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0053 Japan
Ohgimachi Class Room
10F, Ohgimachi Matsushima Bldg.,
3-13, Suehiro-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0053, Japan
Tokyo Office
Nandomachi 40 Shinjuku Tokyo, 162-0837, Japan
Company Established
March 1st, 2004
Company Capital
Telephone Number
+81 6 6311 2220
FAX Number
+81 6 6311 2219
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Corporate Principles

Beauty Reformation, Life Creation Enterprise.

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