Luxury Rejuvenation

What is Luxury Rejuvenation?

Luxury Rejuvenation LogoWhen the technicians of a salon that has acquired the license to practice Rejuvenation System have studied and put into practice the techniques, with constantly good results, a diploma will be given to individual technicians who qualify. Not everyone can attain a diploma. The successful technician must satisfy various aspects such as service, customer satisfaction, results and technique, before satisfying the criteria to receive certification. The holder of this diploma can safely say that they are an excellent technician and can work in a titled Rejuvenation Salon.

However, even excellent technicians can have different techniques that are successful in the Rejuvenation System. One style may not be superior to another style. So, what makes the ultimate technician? It is knowledge, technique and experience, coupled with the ambition to be the best while developing mutual trusting relationships with customers that makes a technician, and a salon, the best it can be.

If a technician constantly strives to improve and grow with their technique results improve for customers, service is better, and the complete environment of the salon benefits.

One of the a Diet Contest, judged on technique, so the result is based on the technician studying hard and achieving as much as they can. This contest is held throughout Japan for a grand prize and helps the technician in their aim to brush up their technique, and improve care of the client, which leads to the client believing their time spent at the salon is meaningful.

Moreover, a higher level of Rejuvenation System, entitled Luxury Rejuvenation is offered as a target to improve the technician and the salon. This is a title given only to the special salon.

These Luxury Rejuvenation Salons are those that constantly finish high in contests, and offer the highest standard of work to their clients. The work done in the salon makes all clients happy and impressed. Moreover, standards are constantly checked and if the criteria is not met in the annual review the title will be lost. These salons offer their clients the highest technology, results and pleasure. This is a Luxury Rejuvenation Salon.

Luxury Rejuvenation Recognized Salon

Salons can always qualify to be newly certified as a Luxury Rejuvenation Salon by meeting our strong criteria.

Once qualified, those salons that do not continue to meet the criteria and keep high standards will lose their Luxury Rejuvenation recognition.

The latest Luxury Rejuvenation recognized salon list can be viewed on the Luxury Salon page.

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