Products of Rejuvenation System

This page shows you all products of Rejuvenation System. About each prices, please contact Rejuvenation Salons. And those who wants join Rejuvenation salon, please contact to us.

Products for customers

These are Rejuvenation products. You can buy at Rejuvenation Salons.

Rejuvenation Water Scalp Renaissance
Rejuvenation Water

Rejuvenation Water is made up of the elements that compose the human body and helps balance those resources. In order to maintain a healthy body, many elements are necessary. Rejuvenation Water helps care for the state of the body by maintaining the correct ratio rate of these elements.

Scalp Renaissance

Scalp Renaissance is a massage gel for the scalp. Unlike other parts of the skin, the hair glands are in abundant supply and close together on the scalp. Therefore, scalp massage increases the effect of the detox.

As a self-detox-care at home, wre recommand ScalpRenaissance care once in a week.

Re-Perfect Reju Bohr

Re-Perfect is food with nutrient function claims. It is for beauty, aging-care and health care by improving enteral environment, Glycation and oxidization. It provide comprehensive support for your beauty, health and aging.


RejuBohr is a bath salt for your self care at home. It is additive-free, non-perfumed and has no artificial coloring and only important elements are molded into the 500g ball, that provides a superb bath time experience. It provides the features of a carbonated spring, an alkali fountain, and a Germanium fountain, and the synergy of these supports Rejuvenation Care at home.

Germanium Mat ReMoon Vege Alpha
Germanium Mat Remoon

The Germanium Mat ReMoon is a clinical instrument which is designed to support your rejuvenation time to the maximum. It contributes to rejuvenation care when sleeping with an effect as a clinical instrument.[225AFBZX00038000]

Vege Alpha

VegeAlpha is calcined shell calcium.Calcium is 100% natural ingredients made ??from baked shell.Crops are contaminated with bacteria and viruses, and pesticides and wax.There is great power to make such polluted crops harmless only by applying water to dissolve the VegeAlpha.

Products for Salon use

These products is professional use only. We use these products at Rejuvenation alons.

Reju Care Fatless Matress
Reju Care

Reju Care is gel for massage.It enables to get rid of your fat without surgery. It contains various kind of vitamins, minerals,polysaccharide and amino acids. RejuCare can be used to get rid of your fat and waste material from your body. And it is very safe because it is made of vitamins, minerals, polysaccharide and amino acids.

Fatless Matress

Fatless Mattress heats the fat cells of the whole body, not only by heat transfer, and Germanium, but also using the effect of electrons and the far-infrared radiation while improving the blood flow.

The effect of the Germanium ensures smooth blood circulation through the blood capillaries. Moreover, the far infra-red rays penetrate the body and reach the fat of the inner organs.It is designed based on a heater pattern that considers thermal efficiency, and controls the heat distribution and the thermal energy necessary for various parts of the body individually.