Fatless Matress

Fatless Matress

When the amount of nourishment that flows in the blood becomes insufficient, energy is taken out of fat cells to supplement it. This is combustion of fat.

The blood sugar level (energy) in blood is consumed and the body temperature rises when it needs energy. The blood sugar level falls. Then, the hormone that releases fat is secreted and fat resolution starts.


The resolved fat enters the state that can be used immediately by becoming a fatty acid and flowing in the blood. Fat is burnt if all these fatty acids are used completely and disappear.

However, it becomes fat again if not burnt off, even if fat is resolved to fatty acid and it is saved again. It is necessary to burn off the fatty acid with exertion of some kind, long enough to complete the process.

Even if melted fat is burned off, the body does not necessarily become thinner. Fat may dissolve temporarily but it soon returns. Thought must be given to how to ensure the fat does not return.

Fatless Mattress heats the fat cells of the whole body, not only by heat transfer, and Germanium, but also using the effect of electrons and the far-infrared radiation while improving the blood flow.

The effect of the Germanium ensures smooth blood circulation through the blood capillaries. Moreover, the far infra-red rays penetrate the body and reach the fat of the inner organs.It is designed based on a heater pattern that considers thermal efficiency, and controls the heat distribution and the thermal energy necessary for various parts of the body individually.

If the blood flow to the capillaries is efficient it makes it easier to lose weight. The purpose of drinking Rejuvenation Water before a Fatless Mattress session is to improve the quality of this metabolism further.

If the fat resolution mechanism is done efficiently the work of the Fatless Mattress can be seen. But if nothing more is done, the fat returns so, here you should begin to squeeze out the fat through the hair glands by use of the Fatless gel before the fat returns to the cells. Only then is the fat that is resolved through use of the Fatless Mattress efficiently processed.

About the PSE Mark

PSEFatless Mattress fulfills safety standards based on the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Law, and displays the PSE mark. Please see the following site about Japan Electrical Safety & Environmental Technology Laboratories (JET) to learn about the PSE mark. PSE Mark official website(Japanese only)