Reju Bohr

Reju Bohr

RejuBohr is a bath salt for your self care at home. It is additive-free, non-perfumed and has no artificial coloring and only important elements are molded into the 500g ball, that provides a superb bath time experience. It provides the features of a carbonated spring, an alkali fountain, and a Germanium fountain, and the synergy of these supports Rejuvenation Care at home.

Reju Bohr pays attention to the supply of oxygen to the cells by the Bohr effect. In addition, it helps the gradual decrease of perspiration. Moreover, it has the same effect as hot springs, because extra sebum is removed through the skin, and it also softens rough skin. Please experience these varying effects.

Bohr Effect

We take oxygen in through breathing. The oxygen taken into the body is supplied to the cells through blood flow, and is used to make energy. The oxygen used up becomes carbon dioxide and, as waste matter, is carried with the blood in the veins. This chain of events is called gaseous exchange. If this gaseous exchange is smoothly done, the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells increases, and the activity of the cell is more efficient.

This gaseous exchange is possible through the haemoglobin carrying oxygen in the blood. This phenomenon is called the Bohr Effect, commemorating Christian Bohr, who discovered that haemoglobin discharges oxygen (facilitating the increase and decrease of oxygen and carbon dioxide, controlling the pH levels of the blood).

Gradual Decrease of Perspiration Phenomenon

Normally, if soaking in untreated tap water sweat gland tend to become sodden and the pores close. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the sweat to come out gradually. This is called "Gradual decrease of perspiration phenomenon". However, if bay salt is added to the hot water, this phenomenon does not occur. Therefore, as a logical result, toxins are excreted with the sweat.

Vitamin C Conductor

There is a strong antioxidant effect in Vitamin C, although it’s weak point is that it is easy to deteriorate in the oxygen that exists in air. This Vitamin C conductor solves the problem. This increases the whitening effectiveness and aids beautiful skin.

Organic Germanium

Germanium is an element with the atomic number 32. Its characteristic is that it discharges a free electron when at 32℃ or more.This free electron is good for the human body promoting good circulation of the blood and leads to the metabolic improvement. When circulation of the blood improves, and reaches the ends of all the capillaries, toxins in the blood are purified. And, while the chemicals and heavy metals that are in the hair glands and fat cells are not easily excreted, this organic Germanium facilitates the flow of blood and increased perspiration to assist in purging the toxins. Scalp Renaissance massage gel is particlularly effective in assisting in the excreting from the scalp on which the hair glands are concentrated.

Comparison Through Thermography

The changes in body temperature after a bath can be seen in the photographs. The upper row of photograph show results from a bath using Reju Bohr. The lower photographs show the results of a normal bath.

Data of Bathing with Reju Bohr

Reju Bohr thermal check
Before bathing Right after bathing for 20 minutes. 10 minutes after bathing. 20 minutes after bathing. 30 minutes after bathing.

Data of Bathing without Reju Bohr

Bath thermal check
Before bathing Right after bathing for 20 minutes. 10 minutes after bathing. 20 minutes after bathing. 30 minutes after bathing.