About the Course

Course Subject and Technique


After the contract is agreed, the course will be held for six days. The course is composed of study and actual technique.

The hand massage technique is not fixed, since each body has a different structure, and different problems. Each individual client must be approached uniquely so we aim to develop and nurture excellent estheticians.

While it may seem that technicians are all working differently, it is because each client needs individual attention, so the technician needs to judge what is needed for each client, and treat accordingly - that is real the aim of this course.

As a rule, the course is held only for a small number of technicians in order to ensure that all students are given enough individual attention and can be seen to understand everything.

About the Teaching Materials


The material used on this course are three text books and one original Rejuvenation text as follows:

Moreover, the students will gain a deeper understanding of the internal structure of the human body by using a frame model, a torso model, and medical charts, etc. during the course.

Course Photographs

Seminar Seminar

The study of rejuvenation is different to ordinary esthetics because it is based on basic medical science.


In order to get the right results, you learn about the internal workings of the human body win in order to acquire a better understanding. That is why we use a torso model, a frame model and colour charts.

During this course, even those with no knowledge of medicine can gain results by studying, as the pictures show.

The key to improving techniques is not experience as a general esthetician, but learning the basics on the course.

Results of Course


In these pictures, it can be seen that only the right side of the body has been worked on, concentrating on reducing swelling by lymph drainage.

You can see the by width of the back that the right side has been reduced, and the waist line has been raised.

Please pay attention to the buttocks. It can be seen that the natural line on the lower buttock is less pronounced because the muscle has been firmly lifted. This also helps reduce swelling and lessens the likelihood of cold legs.

In some cases, after the course, the position of the thigh bone is improved and the legs straighten, adding 1.5 to 2 cm in height. The posture also improves.


In the photograph below left, it can be seen that the lower stomach sags because the ilium was stretched during childbirth.The ilium is returned to its previous position, and the result of caring for the tissue under the skin can be seen in the photograph on the right. Although you can still see some light stretchmarks, the entire image has improved.


The results of Rejuvenation System are not judged by weight or measurements, but by photographs and comparision. During the course, if study and practice is not done enough, it will be obvious, and students will be judged strictly on results. If a student does not get results, then they can not use the technique at salon.